Watch This Space

Watch This Space introduces youth to what public space is, why it is important and how best to use it. Filled with illustrations, diagrams, and drawings of successful public spaces to introduce these complex issues to teenagers, the book also underscores the need to create, preserve and protect public space.

Published by Kids Can Press, 2010
7" x 9", 80 pages, full colour.
Available for $18.95 from the Kids Can Press website.

Watch This Space book spread with Love Park, Berlin


The book has been very well received by critics and readers alike.

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Norma Fleck Award for Canadian Children's Non-FIction, Canadian Children's Book Centre Awards, finalist 2011

Canada’s non-fiction books for young people are internationally renowned for the superb quality of their text, illustration and design. The award was established by the Fleck Family Foundation and the Canadian Children's Book Centre on May 17, 1999 to recognize and raise the profile of these exceptional non-fiction books.

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Red Maple Award, Ontario Library Association Shortlist, 2011

The Red Maple Award™ reading program is offered for the enjoyment of students in Grades 7 and 8. The program, like the Association's Silver Birch Awards® reading program, gives students who have read a minimum number of nominated titles the opportunity to vote with a large group of their peers for the nominated title that they feel should win the Red Maple Award™ each year.

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White Ravens List, International Youth Library 2010

"Each year the language specialists (Lektoren) at the International Youth Library (IYL), in Munich, Germany, select newly published books from around the world that they consider to be especially noteworthy. This list of books is compiled into the annual White Ravens Catalogue, which is introduced each year at the Bologna (Italy) Children's Book Fair.

The White Raven label is given to books that deserve worldwide attention because of their universal themes and/or their exceptional and often innovative artistic and literary style and design."

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Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People, National Council for the Social Studies and the Children’s Book Council, Winner 2011

"The books ... were evaluated and selected by a Book Review Committee appointed by National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) and assembled in cooperation with the Children's Book Council (CBC) ... since 1972.

The selection committee looks for books that emphasize human relations, represent a diversity of groups and are sensitive to a broad range of cultural experiences, present an original theme or a fresh slant on a traditional topic, are easily readable and of high literary quality, and have a pleasing format and, when appropriate, illustrations that enrich the text."

Press and Praise for Watch This Space

“An original and unique presentation relevant to how society uses public space… From public squares and sidewalks to social networking sites on the Internet, this entertaining book remains enlightening and informative as it broadens young readers' perception and understanding of what a public space is really all about. Dyer’s text is smart and engaging… Ngui’s illustrations add to the fun!”

— comment from jury for Canadian Children's Book Centre Awards

“The format of the book and the illustrations, in particular, are engaging and informative, complementing the text without overwhelming it.”

— School Library Journal, May 2010

“... a great resource for both teens and adults because it looks at and asks hard questions about what it truly means for something to be public space, and why it’s increasingly important to value our public places - whether they are streets, parks or civic buildings.”

— Commissioner of the NYC Department of Transportation, November 2009

“... the book’s straightforward examination may empower them to take positive action.”

— Kirkus Reviews, February 2010

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