Thousand Plateaus

Pen and ink, marker and crayon on paper.

Now Available
Limited edition re-drawings from the Thousand Plateaus series

Marc has begun to take commissions to re-draw any of the images in this series.

All drawings will be completed with sakura pigment ink gel pens and Windsor Newton watercolour on acid free paper. The drawings are 9 x 12 inches (23 x 30.5 cm).

The number of re-drawings for each original image in the series will be limited to 5. Each commissioned piece will be numbered and signed.

For prices, shipping, and placing orders, please visit the Happy Sleepy Art and Toy Shop on Etsy or send a message on the contact page.

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The drawings below are a methodical interpretation of the first two chapters of A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schzophrenia (Wikipedia link) by Gilles Delueze and Felix Guattari, translated by Brian Massumi, University of Minnesota Press, 1987.

The drawings were created as a means of understanding the ideas being presented in the book.

Each drawing is labeled by chapter and paragraph.

Marc sent these diagrams to Brian Massumi, the translator of A Thousand Plateaus into English, who is currently one of the editors of Inflexions, the online journal for research-creation. The first volume of the journal includes some of these diagrams in the Tangents section.

Click on any image to pull up a much larger drawing.

Many of these drawings were part of a group art show called Quantal Strife. Click to jump to the bottom of the page for more information and photos of the exhibit.

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